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Shipping - UK, Ireland and International!

We offer delivery services across the UK, Ireland, and internationally!

For customers residing outside the mainland UK, kindly reach out to us for a quotation. Our efficient shipping agent handles international orders, and we’ll tailor a quotation to suit your order size.

Introducing Mondu - Buy Now Pay Later (B2B)

Mondu Installments – choose your preferred flexible installment plan of 3, 6, or 12 months.

Mondu Invoice – Pay later by bank transfer within 30 days from invoice.

Instant payment approval – Mondu performs real-time credit checks that won’t impact your credit worthiness.

How long does delivery take?

Our stock is situated in the UK, and we strive to maintain robust stock levels for our primary product lines. Items can be dispatched to you within two days of payment receipt. If you have urgent orders, we can arrange next-day delivery. For items not currently in stock or those requiring manufacturing, we will provide you with lead time information.

Payment options - how do I pay?

We accept several methods of payment to make shopping with Martek Zero Waste as simple as possible.


1. Pay online using a credit or debit card (we accept all of the usual credit and debit cards including Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, American Express).
2. Mondu: Shop Now, Pay Later. Introducing our Mondu 30-day checkout option, giving you the flexibility to delay payment until later.
3. Pay over the phone.
4. Pay by bank transfer – we will send you a sales invoice.

What products are suitable for the Gravity Dispensers?

There are many “easy to flow” dried food products that are suitable for merchandising in gravity dispensers: Pasta, rice, pulses, beans, nuts, seeds, snacks, cereal, coffee beans, hard coated sweets, pet foods.

Anything smaller in granular size than couscous, flakes and hard to dispense items will need to go in scoop dispensers.

What products are not suitable for the Gravity Dispensers?

Harder to flow items or sticky products (such as dates and apricots etc.)

Powders, flour, sugar are not suitable for the gravity dispenser but scoop dispensers are ideal for these types of product.

How do I order?

Once you have established what you require, you can place your order online and pay by credit or debit card, or alternatively you can speak to us – we will be happy to assist with your plans, raise a sales order which will contain instructions of how to pay by electronic bank transfer, or card payment over the telephone. As soon as the funds have cleared we will dispatch your order.

Lease options – what is leasing?

Leasing is a great option which allows you to spread the cost of your zero waste equipment. With terms offered from 1 to 5 years and ownership available on conclusion of the agreement, the benefits include; preserving your working capital as valuable cash can remain in the business and be used for continual growth, budget control and a finance lease is 100% allowable against pre-tax profits, lowering your Corporation Tax Liability.

The minimum amount for leasing is £1000 + vat – please contact us if you would like to explore this option further.

How much is delivery?

We aim to keep our delivery prices as fair as possible. As a guide, 1 box would cost £15.00, two boxes would cost £30.00, half a pallet would be £40.00 and a full pallet price is £50.00 (mainland UK). We will provide a quote at the time of placing your order based on the order size and your exact location.

What are dispensers made from?

All our gravity and scoop bins are made from BPA free plastic. Our EcoFlo and Eco Scoop range are made from BPA-free PCTG – Poly Cyclohexylenedimethylene Terephthalate glycol-modified.

Can you purchase spare parts for the dispensers?

Yes, all parts are available to purchase across our entire range of gravity bins and scoop bins.

How do I clean the dispensers?

The success of your zero-packaging bulk display will be determined by the attention that the store and staff members give it. A fully stocked, clean and attractive display that you encourage and educate your customers to use should exceed your merchandising goals.

Daily you should wipe down the exterior of the dispensers and vacuum the area, you may find it useful to use a small brush to dust around the spouts of the dispensers.

The best way to ensure a clean, hygienic operation is to clean the dispensers on a regular basis and a rotation schedule will help to control this. It is encouraged that a few spares are kept so that you can swap out the dispenser that requires cleaning with the clean refilled one. Some product lines are naturally cleaner than others, such as beans and lentils and therefore wouldn’t require cleaning as frequently as products that give off more residue like dried fruit and dusty items. One common rotation strategy is to clean the dispenser every time a new batch is introduced. Hand-washing is preferable over a dishwasher and in our experience it is quicker, easier, better for the planet and cheaper.

It is important not to use abrasive pads on the dispensers as this will cause scratching.

What warranty do they come with?

We provide a 24 month warranty to cover any defects in material or workmanship.

What additional fixturing will I need?

In terms of shelving, customers usually go down one of two routes; to use standard shop shelving such as Tegometall, or have a bespoke unit custom built. We also have bracket hooks available for wall mounting.

What is your returns policy?

At Martek Zero Waste, we value our customers and therefore want to ensure that your order arrives in good condition. However, if you are unhappy with the condition of your order or your items aren’t what you expected, please contact us on 01689 808 600 within 14 days of receipt.

In the event of a customer wishing to return undamaged goods, this must be pre-authorised by Martek and within 14 days of the sale. The customer will be responsible for returning the goods to Martek, which must be in their original packaging. Returns will also be subject to an admin/restocking fee of 15% of the total value of the goods, which will be deducted from your refund.

In the unfortunate and rare event that your order arrives damaged, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01689 808 600. We would appreciate a photo of the damaged item so we can resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

We often get requests for other items and services which you may need to accompany your display such as scales, jars and the dried food products to dispense.

We can help you with many of these items, but for those that we can’t, we do know of some excellent companies who can assist you with these other items and services – contact us for further information.


We would be happy to help you with scales. Please review our scales product page and contact us for more details.


Unpackaged – Martek would highly recommend the expert advice and services available from Unpackaged to anyone thinking of setting up a Zero Waste Store. Unpackaged can provide 1:1 consultancy to help you plan your venture, they also hold regular group workshops in London – find out more here. 

Martek have worked closely with Catherine Conway since 2012 when she moved Unpackaged to its second location (we made a video of this at the time which can be viewed here), and since then we supplied dispensers to all of the Unpackaged displays at Planet Organic Stores and other locations that she has worked on.

Bulk Food Wholesalers

Suma is a wholefoods co-operative delivering over 7000 responsibly sourced products to communities and businesses across the UK and Europe. They now offer a vast range of products in bulk with a growing list of +500 products to fill your dispensers – find out more here.

Infinity Foods is one of the UK’s leading wholefood distributors of high quality, organic, biodynamic, fairtrade and natural products. Infinity offers a huge range of products in bulk – find out more here.

Glass Jars

We can help you with this – please see our glass jars section and contact us for more details.