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Martek Zero Waste | Zero Waste Week 2021!
Martek Zero Waste - Experts in generating profit generating retail areas. The exclusive UK Distributor for Cretors Popcorn Equipment and Trade Fixtures Bulk Food Dispensers in the UK and Ireland
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Zero Waste Week 2021!

Zero Waste Week has come around again! The first week of September 2021 marks the 14th Zero Waste Week campaign…suggesting the extent to which the zero waste movement has successfully expanded worldwide and demonstrates the appeal of wasting less and saving more.

The premise of zero waste is to convert to a circular economy, where rubbish and unnecessary packaging is written out of existence. Rather than discarding resources, we re use, and if some resources, such as many types of packaging, are not required in the first place, we avoid using them all together. If all materials and products are treated with value then there will eventually be no place for waste and this is the message that Rachel Strauss, founder of Zero Waste Week is successfully encouraging.

Here at Martek Zero Waste, we recognise the importance and, now more than ever, the urgency of the climate crisis and more specifically, the plastic waste crisis. For this reason, we endeavour to offer more and more customers the option to convert to zero packaging dispensing solutions.
Zero Waste Week