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Martek Zero Waste | Join us in signing up for Plastic Free July!
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Join us in signing up for Plastic Free July!

We’re joining the already million strong global movement of people looking to reduce their single-use plastic intake at home, work and in their community.

Plastic Free July, initiated by the Plastic Free Foundation, has been running annually since 2011 where it started small, but has grown exponentially every year attracting 250 million participants in 177 countries.


Take a look at their 2019 Annual Report

The mantra adopted by Plastic Free July during their first campaign in 2011, “Do it together, focus on the positives, share the solutions, and do what you can” continues to resonate internationally with those in pursuit of a more sustainable future. Taking part in campaigns such as Plastic Free July brings us ever closer to significantly reducing single-use plastic consumption.